Let’s transform, together.

during your one-on-one Tarot Transformation session,

we consult the cards to achieve massive clarity on your desires, the energy you hold around

bringing them to physical form, and your exact next steps (plus a little cosmic confidence that

you are on the right path).

In my approach to the Tarot, we use the symbols of the cards to usher change into your physical


This is mindset coaching approached through the symbols of the Tarot and it is POWERFUL.

I don’t tell you what to do - I give you the tools and knowledge to transform.

These sessions hold LIFE CHANGING potential, if you are open and willing to step into your


This is a 45 minute session that can be scheduled at any time after purchase.

You will be contacted via email within 24 hours to schedule your session.

Sessions are recorded, and you will be sent a follow-up email (to the payment email address - please make a

note upon check out if you have a different preferred email address) the next day with the video recording of

your session, your natal chart (astrological birth chart) for reference, and additional resources for support

moving forward on the personal transformation you are creating.


“The session Caitlin did for me was SO perfect. She has such an amazing ability to root out

the significant issue! I feel like I expected the session to go in one direction, and while ‘the

problem’ was as expected, the direction of the cause, the real focus, the true message, if you

will, was unexpected! I think a less skilled reader could easily have worked with what I gave

them - you could really see through all the clutter!”

I feel like she fully understood and conveyed the magnitude of my situation, which reflects a

real lack of fear on her front to confront difficult situations! 

Caitlin was able to both empathize with my situation, bring her own wisdom and

experience to it, and yet not get so deeply involved that you couldn’t see the big picture. 

From the beginning, she presented such incredibly clear intentions moving into the process

- I knew exactly what I could expect structurally from the reading, as well as her take on

personal agency. Despite focusing on a rather esoteric subject, I left feeling empowered to

make changes in my life, and with a clear picture of my first-steps. With her follow-up the

next day, I felt supported after the fact as well.

My advice to potential clients would be: if you are thinking about this, if it’s a seed that’s

caught in the back of your head: do it!” - Erin P.

"The session was so intuitive and clarifying! It felt like I was speaking to my own soul!”

- Jewel B.

“I consulted Caitlin because I was feeling blocked, drained, and lackluster. It wasn't long

after my birthday and I needed help recovering my  inspiration and joy. Our session gave me

insights into the major relationships in my life, and helped me recognize and accept the

more shadowy aspects of my personality.

Caitlin offers compassion and wide-ranging knowledge, and her analyses are deep. I

absolutely recommend treating yourself to a session.” - Lanah K.