welcome to the chariot 2.0

My signature 4-week program on rapid personal transformation and practical quantum leaping

Have you ever wanted to change something SO badly that you actually dared to dream that it was possible for you?

And then…so-called “reality” sank in.

Did you give up when it did?

Or did you take the reins and ride on?

>> I went from waitressing to starting my first business (it was an allergy-friendly baking company). Because I knew it was time to get paid for my actual talents (which didn’t include getting yelled at daily by my 20 year old boss).

I was told, “Most small businesses fail. You should keep the waitressing job as a Plan B.”

>> I came from working in retail for $7.50 an hour to becoming a professional fire and circus entertainer for $300 an hour (or more). Because I knew I hated my life, and didn’t want to get to the end of it having failed to follow through on a single one of my dreams.

I was told, “You’re so lucky. The rest of us are stuck in jobs we hate.”

>> I journeyed from a lifetime of depression and toxic negativity to a new reality of joy, fulfillment, empowered thinking and insane manifestations. Because I knew I didn’t want to continue in the life I had been living and I was willing to change my mind and do EVERYTHING differently.

I was told, “Only stupid people are happy. who are you to have everything you want, anyway?”

>> I went from clocking late nights stocking a grocery store to launching my second business, an event entertainment empire. Because I was tired of being verbally abused by customers pissed off that their Chocolate Covered Mango Chile Peanut Butter Kettle Chips had been discontinued and I knew it was time to take my BIG vision for my life seriously.

I was told, “Who’s even going to pay you for that? Besides, your rates are too high!”

>> I went from comfortably married in the wrong partnership, hiding myself behind the masks of spending addiction and heavy wine consumption to giving away my possessions and leaving. Because I knew it was the right thing to do and I was done with numbing.

I was told, “No relationship is perfect. Why can’t you just be content? You’re going to regret this.”

>> I came from waking up suffocated in my suburban apartment to embarking on an exciting (read: completely ridiculous and impractical) nomadic life. Because I recognized that it was time to live as my authentic self, no matter what people were saying about me.

I was told, “You’re living a fantasy life. When are you coming back to the real world?”

>> I journeyed from a series of emotionally abusive and toxic relationships and the worst heartbreak of my life to meeting the love of my life. Because I realized that I was done with being a victim, chasing those who didn’t deserve it, and I finally saw what I was truly worthy of (something so, so much better).

I was told, “What if it doesn’t work out this time?”

I need you to hear this.

I’m so grateful that I ignored them.

That I dared to ignore the “realists” and decided to live life on my own terms. It’s true - I stayed in my “fantasy world.” did every single one of the things I’ve shared. NONE of them took years. (Slow shifts aren’t really my thing).

Each time, i changed my life practically overnight.

These moments, these enormous shifts, these massive changes in short periods of time, are what we call QUANTUM LEAPS. And baby, quantum leaps are what i’m here for.

These situations are just a small set of examples of the rapid transformations I have created in my own life. These are the kinds of things that can happen when you decide the uplevel is HERE.

These are the decisions that average people call impulsive, erratic, and irresponsible.

But if you’re in my world, I know you don’t want an average life. You want an extraordinary life.

And extraordinary actions lead to extraordinary results - but only ALWAYS.

YOU can rewrite your personal history and create something that no one could have imagined you were headed towards.

YOU get to determine what’s next.

YOU get to decide that your life changes, today.

YOU can choose that THE THING you know you need to do…

  • the career change

  • the big move

  • the breakup

  • the going-to-change-everything conversation

  • the business launch

  • the healing

  • the “not sure what it is yet but DAMN something has to change because I just can’t do this anymore” moment

    …gets put into motion NOW.

Introducing, THE CHARIOT.

the chariot is my four-week intensive course on rapid transformation and practical-spiritual quantum shifting.

In the Tarot, THE CHARIOT is the card of momentum. It is the card of what happens when you approach the wild horse of your life and decide to finally take the reins.

It’s the internal and external shift that takes you from trying to tame the horse from the ground to sitting proudly atop it, as you gallop into the distance at a speed well beyond that which you could have reached on your own two feet.

It’s what happens when you step the fuck up.

It’s what happens when you finally show up for yourself and fully embody an elevated state.

It’s the realization that the time is ALWAYS now, and that you can change your life in an instant.

“I found my biggest shift in THE CHARIOT was in really starting to reprogram myself in how I spoke to myself and about myself. Learning to catch my self talk when it wasn’t uplifting or not in alignment, is huge.

Shifting that into speaking with intention and gratitude instead, replacing those things with statements that ARE in alignment. It feels really good! I also shifted from a victim mindset after some challenging times to a more self empowering mindset again.”

- Rebecca D., Atlanta GA USA

“In THE CHARIOT, I experienced a big opening to a wider variety of what my future could possibly hold. This opening has brought my future into focus, and enabled me to create better action steps for me.

My favorite part of THE CHARIOT was creating my quantum identity. It’s so much fun to practice being this powerful and confident version of me!”

- Robin G., Conway AK USA

4 weeks to your quantum leap

week 1:

  • Getting clear on the next chapter

  • Cultivating self-trust

  • Harnessing the archetype of THE CHARIOT to pave the way for massive change

  • The psychology and energetics of the two types of quantum leaps


  • Meditation for fearlessness and victory over your anxieties

week 2:

  • The practical anatomy of massive change

  • Creating your uplevel blueprint

  • Stepping into your quantum identity

  • Building invincible self-worth


  • Meditation for creating unlimited energetic possibility

week 3:

  • Dissolving resistance

  • Overcoming critical thoughts from ourselves and others

  • Invisibility and invincibility cloaking for protection during rapid change

  • Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) to release resistance and energetic blocks


  • Meditation for building energetic endurance for massive shifts

week 4:

  • Taking epic action with your whole self (not just your mind)

  • Fully showing up for your uplevel blueprint

  • Diving into the unknown

  • Overcoming challenges and cultivating a mindset that makes it impossible to fail


  • Meditation for absolute focus as you close in on your desires

+ one extended live q&A recording!

In total, you get:

  • 4 powerful video classes PLUS unlimited replays, forever

  • 4 workbooks to help you get clear on the EXACT quantum leap you will make during our time together, build your ladder to your dream life and dissolve anything standing in your way

  • 4 (ALL levels-friendly!) meditations to re-grid your energetic field (basically, make you a powerful badass on an energetic level) to more easily receive your uplevel

  • One extended recorded Q&A

  • High level coaching group (held on Facebook, open forever) with ongoing support, bonus writing prompts (these are ABSOLUTE FUCKING MAGIC) and regular access to my brain (which works overtime to bring new ideas to everyone I encounter)

  • Intimate, uplevel-expected accountability in the group

  • Lifetime access to all program content (as well as future updates to the program at absolutely NO extra cost)

PLUS, two bonus courses as pre-work!

The Army of Venus Boot Camp self-guided program ($44 value):

Follow one prompt a day for the first 14 days of your time in the course, or binge it all in a weekend. This is the pre-work that will set you up for success.

This pre-work program will get you started by guiding you through life-changing mindset shifts and teaching you powerful techniques from self-development, psychology and spirituality to prepare you for your QUANTUM LEAP.

The Army of Venus Boot Camp includes a bonus guided meditation to show you the immense possibilities in a life of your own creation.


My Speed of Light video + journaling program ($22 value):

This self-paced bonus program contains three one-hour video trainings with accompanying journaling prompts. This is my crash course on rapid transformation and is a great warm-up to the deeper work we will be doing in THE CHARIOT.



I’m so busy! Can I still be a part of this?

You can move throughout the program at your own pace. The content is yours to keep, forever (and the Facebook group stays open even after the program is officially “over”)!

This course is recorded and self-guided so you can move as quickly or as slowly as you like through the content. I recommend completing one module a week, which will immerse you in the content and create rapid shifts in your life.

There is no such thing as “behind” in this program (or honestly, in ANYTHING!) One of the skills we are cultivating in this work is epic self-trust, and a big part of that is trusting yourself to follow the pace that is right for you.

What if this doesn’t work for me? can i get a refund?

I believe that in joining this program, you are stepping up and embodying the next phase of your evolution. Because of this, I do not offer refunds on this or any of my other programs. Commit to yourself, commit to your growth, and commit to the work - and you WILL transform.

Do i have to use facebook to be a part of this program?

You don’t HAVE to use Facebook for this program - the main content of course (video modules, meditations, workbooks and other bonus course content) will be emailed to you.

However, it is highly recommended! In order to access ongoing Q&As and our accountability community, you will need to access Facebook. Don’t worry - if you’re not a regular user, you can make an account just for this program and delete it afterwards!

my life is going well but i feel weirdly called to join this program. is it right for me, too?

Sometimes the change we need to make is big and dramatic - other times it’s something more mundane that we’re struggling with follow through on.

Be honest - is there something you want to shift that you know will improve your (already delicious) life? Be even more honest - have you done it yet? No? This program will give you structure and accountability to show up for yourself in a bigger way, NO MATTER the nature of what you’re ready to shift.

Perhaps even more important, however, is that you need to learn to trust yourself. I often sign up for programs just because I’m feeling the vibe, and feeling called. I have never regretted acting from this place of deep knowing, even when it didn’t make “sense.” Don’t overthink it!

It might be that one of the meditations in THE CHARIOT is going to clear a block you’ve had for a long, long time. It might be that one thing I say in one of the classes permanently unlocks the code of possibility in your own spirit. Who knows why you’re called to join us - but I know you’ll be glad to be here once I see you on the other side.

Additional questions? Email me.

When I pull THE CHARIOT card for my tarot clients, I tell them to take a DEEP BREATH.

I tell them, “You KNOW something has to change. You might know what it is (and if you don’t, you WILL). You might think it isn’t possible for you. IT IS. You might think it has to take forever. IT DOESN’T. You might not think you’re strong enough for a rapid change of this caliber. YOU ARE. Get ready to ride the wave, because baby, IT IS HERE.”

The time is ALWAYS NOW.

If you’re scared shitless, perfect. If you don’t have the faintest idea how to get there, perfect. If you have no idea what’s on the other side, perfect. The timing is perfect (here’s a secret - it always is).

You are perfect.

And you have ALL THE POWER you need.

Join THE CHARIOT now for the ride of your life.

Additional praise for my work:

“I feel our session was very on point, uplifting and honestly really refreshing to be called out on my own BS. Caitlin’s insight around the themes I wanted to work with was very clear and gave me a deep sense of being heard and seen! I personally really enjoyed to work with someone who is on the same level of understanding when it comes to how universe works and how we are the ultimate creators of our own life, and how to work with that, rather than just saying what I already know and is obvious!

Apart from being a really good tarot reader and tuning in to my energy as well as knowing about astrology, Caitlin also brings her entrepreneur skills and knowing, which in my case was a really important piece and enabled me to see more clear what steps to make in order to achieve my goals! Priceless!”

- Claudia A.; Stockholm, Sweden

“I LOVED our session. I felt like not only you were incredibly intuitive, but the cards and the chart all seemed to echo the same messages. I really appreciated that rather than just revealing that something was holding me back or an area I needed to work on, you had actionable items that I could do in my every day to actually move forward. I think everyone should do a session with you immediately!”

- Claire S.; Mexico City, Mexico

“The session Caitlin did for me was SO perfect. She has such an amazing ability to root out the significant issue! I feel like I expected the session to go in one direction, and while ‘the problem’ was as expected, the direction of the cause, the real focus, the true message, if you will, was unexpected! I think a less skilled reader could easily have worked with what I gave them - you could really see through all the clutter!”

I feel like she fully understood and conveyed the magnitude of my situation, which reflects a real lack of fear on her front to confront difficult situations! Caitlin was able to both empathize with my situation, bring her own wisdom and experience to it, and yet not get so deeply involved that you couldn’t see the big picture. 

From the beginning, she presented such incredibly clear intentions moving into the process - I knew exactly what I could expect structurally from the reading, as well as her take on personal agency. Despite focusing on a rather esoteric subject, I left feeling empowered to make changes in my life, and with a clear picture of my first-steps. With her follow-up the next day, I felt supported after the fact as well.

My advice to potential clients would be: if you are thinking about this, if it’s a seed that’s caught in the back of your head: do it!”

- Erin P.; Washington DC, USA

“I uncovered SO much during our session!”

- Asia S.; Mexico City, Mexico

“Highly recommended! I received so much that I can do to get what I want in life. My session had a lot of important tips on new perspectives to consider, which always blows my mind open in such a liberating way!”

- Robyn G.; Stuttgart AK, USA

"The session was so intuitive and clarifying! It felt like I was speaking to my own soul!”

- Jewel B.; Virginia Beach VA, USA

“I consulted Caitlin because I was feeling blocked, drained, and lackluster. It wasn't long after my birthday and I needed help recovering my  inspiration and joy. Our session gave me insights into the major relationships in my life, and helped me recognize and accept the more shadowy aspects of my personality.

Caitlin offers compassion and wide-ranging knowledge, and her analyses are deep. I absolutely recommend treating yourself to a session.”

- Lanah K.; Washington DC, USA


THE CHARIOT card in the image at the top is from the Serpentfire Tarot deck by Devany Amber Wolfe (highly recommended!)