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my exclusive monthly tarot coven is here!

Limited spaces are available for this personalized membership program - join now.

What is the monthly tarot coven?

I created my monthly tarot coven to give you access to monthly personalized tarot coaching (I think of these

as EMPOWERING tarotscopes!) from me, at a super affordable price. Each month, you will receive a

personalized video reading from me telling you exactly what to expect in the coming month and how to make

the most of it with personalized inner work.

Here’s how it works:

Upon joining, you will receive an email from me (sent to the email listed on your payment receipt) prompting

you to send your birth information so that I can compile your astrological chart, which I will be using as

background information for your monthly tarotscope.

During the last week of each month, you will receive an email from me containing a personalized video

reading from me. I will pull one card for you and discuss what to focus on in the coming month, based on my

reading of the card, your energy, and my knowledge from your astrological birth chart.

If you sign up before July 26, you will receive your first email by the end of July containing your personalized

reading for August.


is this a one-time service or an ongoing subscription?

This is an ongoing subscription. You will be automatically billed each month via PayPal.

can i unsubscribe at any time?

Absolutely! Please notify up to two weeks before your next billing date and you

will be unsubscribed. I ask that you give two weeks’ notice because after that, I may have already recorded

your next reading!

Keep in mind that this service is currently being offered at an introductory price, and as long as you are

subscribed you are locked into this low rate!

How is this different from your tarot transformation sessions?

My TAROT TRANSFORMATION sessions are individual, in depth tarot mindset coaching sessions. They are

45 minutes in length and interactive, live video sessions where you can ask questions and will be coached

directly on making the changes suggested by the cards. You can book your TAROT TRANSFORMATION

session here.

My monthly tarot coven subscribes you to receive shorter, monthly (but still personalized) tarot-scopes

forecasting what’s ahead, presented in the same empowering, mindset-shifting format as in my longer sessions.

As a member of the monthly tarot coven, you will receive a personalized, pre-recorded video form me each

month that will be about 7-10 minutes in length.