join my monthly tarot coven membership

The last week of each month, you will receive a fully personalized video tarotscope telling you exactly what to expect in the coming month and how to make the most of the incoming energy with personalized inner work. Watch a sample video tarotscope here!

Plus, all members of the Coven will be entered into a monthly drawing to receive a FREE one-hour private tarot session with me!

Currently, enrollment is open for the Monthly Tarot Coven membership starting with September tarotscopes. The deadline to sign up to receive your September tarotscope is August 28!

This is a monthly membership that can be cancelled at any time.

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book a private tarot session (virtual!)

During your Tarot session, we consult the cards to achieve total clarity on your desires, the energy you hold around bringing them to physical form and your exact next steps to take.

This is a 60 minute session that can be scheduled at any time after purchase.

You will be contacted via email at the email address associated with your purchase within 24 hours to schedule your session.

Sessions are recorded, and you will be sent a follow-up email the day after your session containing the video recording of your session.


praise for my work:

"Our session was very on point, uplifting and honestly…it was really refreshing to be called out on my own B.S.!

Caitlin also brought her entrepreneurial knowledge, which in my case was a really important piece. She enabled me to see more clearly what steps to take in order to achieve my goals! ”

- Claudia A.; Stockholm SWE

“I LOVED our session. Caitlin was incredibly intuitive.

I really appreciated that rather than just revealing something that was holding me back or an area I needed to work on, she had actionable steps that I could take in my every day life to actually move forward.

I think everyone should book a session with Caitlin immediately!”

- Claire S., Mexico City MX

“The session Caitlin did for me was SO perfect. She has such an amazing ability to root out the significant issue! She could really see through all the clutter.

I feel like she fully understood and conveyed the magnitude of my situation, which reflects a real lack of fear on her front to confront difficult situations! 

Despite focusing on a rather esoteric subject, I left feeling empowered to make changes in my life, and with a clear picture of my first-steps. With her follow-up the next day, I felt supported after the fact as well.

My advice to potential clients would be: if you are thinking about this, if it’s a seed that’s caught in the back of your head, do it!”

- Erin P., Washington DC USA

“I uncovered SO much during our session!”

- Asia S., Mexico City MX

“Highly recommended! I received so much from our session that I can do to get what I want in life.”

- Robyn G., Stuttgart AK USA

"The session was so intuitive and clarifying! It felt like I was speaking to my own soul!”

- Jewel B., Virginia Beach VA USA

“I consulted Caitlin because I was feeling blocked, drained, and lackluster. It wasn't long after my birthday and I needed help recovering my  inspiration and joy.

Our session gave me insights into the major relationships in my life, and helped me recognize and accept the more shadowy aspects of my personality.

Caitlin offers compassion and wide-ranging knowledge, and her analyses are deep. I absolutely recommend treating yourself to a session.”

- Lanah K., Washington DC