in the tarot, the devil card is all about the toxic, negative bullshit that keeps you small. BUT…

…when the devil card is REVERSED, you are ready to say a deeply personal “fuck you” to all of your bullshit, release it, and step into a more empowered future.

And this is where I come in.

I help modern mystics and #bosswitch creatrixes who are ready for MORE embody the badass mindset necessary to create success on their own terms.

I am passionate about turning big dreams into realities and creating massive shifts in short periods of time.

My purpose in this lifetime is to show you the power of authenticity, how to live life on your own terms, and

the importance of questioning everything.

I desire to empower unconventional aspiring entrepreneurs to create success on their own terms. I have built

four unconventional businesses from nothing and show you how to do the same.

I desire to empower EVERYONE (#bosswitch or not) to create the lifestyles of their dreams and break all of

the rules in the process.

I believe the world NEEDS all the authentic, one-of-a-kind, can’t be duplicate souls it can get. In fact, I

believe this is what we are on earth to be. See, showing up BIG allows others to do the same - and creates a

world of beauty, meaning, kindness and personal empowerment.

I work with spiritual badasses who are READY to do things differently. They are willing to be outcasted and

unpopular in order to receive everything they desire (making the normals envious as hell as a result and asking

how you got so “lucky”).

Is private coaching for me?

Private coaching with me may be for you if…

  • You are READY to shift - but just aren’t exactly sure how

  • You feel like you’re underachieving in your life, and struggle to find meaning in how you fill your time

  • You struggle with keeping your mindset CONSISTENTLY in an empowering place that allows you to take aligned action towards your goals on a regular basis - and see massive results

  • You desire to find meaningful work, or start a business in the creative, spiritual or self-development fields, but lack a clear blueprint for your path

  • You experience difficulty uniting your unique spiritual and creative gifts with your purpose

  • People in your life make you feel like you are crazy or ungrateful for wanting to build and live a life on your own terms - but you still aren’t willing to give up on your dreams

  • You struggle with trusting yourself and tuning into your intuition in a meaningful way

i can help. in private coaching with me, you will…

  • Learn to move energy out of the past to clear space for a powerful present and exciting future

  • Learn to perform at a consistently high level in a way that is meaningful to YOU (fuck the status quo!)

  • Aquire the tools necessary to keep your mindset focused on your true desires and goals, and reframe negativity quickly when you lose focus (because after all, we’re all human)

  • Gain clarity on the work that lights you up and serves the world

  • If you desire, launch an unconventional, unique-to-you business that attracts a powerful sense of connection and increased abundance.

  • Learn how to unite all of your powerful gifts and show up in the world authentically

  • Develop a lifestyle, values, beliefs and routines that allow you to be the FULLEST EXPRESSION of yourself in the world

  • Build epic self-trust and a crystal clear relationship with your intuition

ready to find out more?

I’m currently offering free, no-pressure mini coaching sessions to see if we are a fit for my three-month private coaching experience.

my three-month private coaching experience includes…

  • Regular video coaching calls

  • Unlimited text and voice message support

  • Complimentary access to all digital courses I produce during our time together, including THE CHARIOT

  • MANY more surprises - because I love treating my clients to gifts