I help modern mystics, creatives and witches create success on their own terms by starting unconventional businesses.

Hi! I’m Caitlin

I was nearing the end of a two-year period of total spiritual and emotional upheaval (NBD) when I tiredly asked for my next step.

BUT FIRST, the back story.

Always a dabbler in alternative spirituality (I came of age in the 90s when The Craft made every outcasted preteen girl want to be a witch, and I was no exception), I entered my spiritual adulthood in earnest in 2011 after experiencing a spontaneous Kundalini awakening while dancing with fire at Burning Man.

No, this is not a joke. You CANNOT make this stuff up.

And still, over the next six years, I continued to make turn after turn that seemed to lead me further away from the true nature of my spirit.

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I am passionate about turning big dreams into realities and creating massive shifts in short periods of time.

My purpose is to show you the power of authenticity, how to live life on your own terms, and the importance of questioning everything.

I intend to empower unconventional aspiring entrepreneurs to create success on their own terms.

I desire to empower EVERYONE (boss witch or not) to create the lifestyles of their dreams and break all of the rules in the process.

I believe the world NEEDS all of the authentic, one-of-a-kind, can’t-be-duplicated souls it can get. In fact, I believe this is what we are on earth to be.

Showing up BIG allows others to do the same - and creates a world of beauty, meaning, kindness and personal empowerment. Are you ready to heed the call?




This September, go back to school with Boss Witch University!

This six-week course is for newbie boss witches (or those new to bringing magic to their businesses). It is designed to guide you through the energetics + practicalities of starting a brand new business.

This program is witchy AF. But it isn’t ALL magic spells.

I tell you EXACTLY what to do and show you how to make actual money right out of the gate in your new venture.

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Are you unsure of the next steps to take towards your big vision? Connect to your inner wisdom and boldly move forward with an empowering Tarot session.

During your Tarot session, we consult the cards to achieve massive clarity on your desires, the energy you hold around bringing them to physical form and your exact next steps to take.

I am available for private sessions, or join my Monthly Tarot Coven membership and receive a fully personalized tarotscope each month!



"Our session was very on point, uplifting and honestly…it was really refreshing to be called out on my own B.S.!

Caitlin also brought her entrepreneurial knowledge, which in my case was a really important piece. She enabled me to see more clear what steps to make in order to achieve my goals! ”

Claudia A., Stockholm SWE / Read More Testimonials 




Join me on August 20 for my FREE Boss Witch Biz Party!

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I am currently offering free mini coaching sessions to see if we are a fit for my 3-month private coaching experience.

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