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Elevate your mindset to support the next phase of your transformation with the symbols of the Tarot and the magic of Venus


I was nearing the end of a two-year period of total spiritual and emotional upheaval (#nbd) when I tiredly asked for my next step.

BUT FIRST, the back story.

Always a dabbler in alternative spirituality (I came of age in the 90s when The Craft made every outcasted preteen girl want to be a witch, and I was no exception), I entered my spiritual adulthood in earnest in 2011 after experiencing a spontaneous Kundalini awakening while dancing with fire at Burning Man.

No, this is not a joke. You CANNOT make this stuff up.

And still, over the next six years, I continued to make turn after turn that seemed to lead me further away from my ever elusive Divine Purpose (aka my “what-the-fuck-am-I-supposed-to-be-doing”). Relationships where I wasn’t flourishing. Home cities that left me asking “how did I get here?” Businesses that made my overachieving workaholic (I’m in recovery) serial entrepreneur self literally sick with stress. All brilliantly disguised as THE RIGHT THING.

As a practicing witch (yes, I stuck with it after the era of The Craft had come and gone), I turned to my practice to fix what I, quite frankly, had fucked up all on my own. One night, I asked for the blocks between me and my highest potential to be removed and for the path to become clear.

I knew it was a bold move, as what is best for us quite often runs counter to what we’ve built. I knew the results wouldn’t be pretty - but it was time to stop pretending I was something I wasn’t.

In the Tarot, this experience is known as The Tower - that delightfully uplifting card showing a tower getting struck by lightning as people and debris fall out of the collapsing ruins. When I pull it with clients, they often cringe. But here’s the thing - The Tower is a gift.

See, I was ready to let everything fall that was weak in the foundation so that I could rebuild a life that was authentic and true to the next stage of my transformation. I couldn’t keep building on shaky ground - none of us can. If we try, the impending fall (because in all honesty, it’s coming either way) is way more painful.

And damn, was I was right. It wasn’t pretty.

Everything came crashing down, culminating in my leaving my marriage (I was as surprised and confused as he was) at 32. It was then that I gave away the vast majority (read: I forced two boxes on a friend to store in her attic) of my possessions and blindly embarked on the nomadic life I had been craving.

I had no idea what I was in for.

While in Mexico attempting to DIY detox (not recommended - I was feverish and sick with shakes for weeks, also #notadoctor) off of the cocktail of maximum-dosage Wellbutrin and Lexapro I had been prescribed to manage my significant inner turmoil, I had a clear-as-day vision of living there in a home I had never seen.

Once I found it (and of course, I found it!), I ignored all sense of reason, spent the remainder of my paltry savings to prepay the rent for four months, left my home country of the United States and moved to Mexico City. This was in 2017. I wasn’t sure exactly what I would do or why I was there, but I felt guided. Guided, and scared shitless. Spoiler alert: I stayed.

Over the course of that next year, I closed down my existing virtual interior design business, hit a new financial rock bottom, had my vulnerable Venus in Pisces heart broken multiple times, met the love of my life, faced and healed deep-seated emotional and physical trauma, dove deeply into Kundalini yoga, experienced epically painful spiritual purging, and started a new business.

It was during the “epically painful spiritual purging” part that I asked for my next step. Into my ear one word was whispered quietly and clearly - “Venus.”

Venus. The goddess, or, in my work, the universal archetype of love, pleasure, beauty, and abundance.